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A story in sustainability

Back in 2014, depleting groundwater levels and urban water shortage motivated Sai Renugunta to start an awareness-raising initiative. This eventually transformed into an enterprise that undertook more than 500 Rainwater Harvesting projects, consequently conserving approximately 50 million litres of water every year. During this process Sai was able to identify several concerns such as high price, product complexity, incompatibility with existing infrastructures, and lack of options for consumers. This led to the evolution of Rainmax – a unique brand of effective, affordable and easy-to-use rooftop rainwater harvesting filters.

Rainmax operates under the umbrella brand of UrbanEcology which offers consultancy services in sustainable architecture, earth-based building, and urban farming.

Installed Filter

Urban Ecology is a venture that seeks to build entrepreneurial success in the areas of green architecture (using mudbrick technology), urban farming, and rainwater harvesting. Rainmax is an Urban Ecology brand.

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Our team

Sai Prasad


Sustainable Architect | Green Entrepreneur

A firm believer in the vital need for eco-friendly technologies, Sai spends much of his time developing and incorporating these into his decade-long architecture and design practice. A chance visit to the township of Auroville some years ago, led him to develop a keen interest in mud-based construction, rainwater harvesting, and organic farming, and pursue these concepts with entrepreneurial vigour.

Sai affirms that long drives and working out are his keys to stress management. He is a vocal proponent of the superiority of Hyderabadi biryani and Irani chai.


Strategy Consultant

Marketeer | Startup Advisor

Headquartered in Hyderabad.

Available pan-India.