Why Rainmax filters are
best in class:

  • Two-stage filtration
  • Self-cleaning
  • 100 micron SS 304 mesh
  • First flush system

Water Supply

Ensures continuous water supply for your family, recharges dead borewells and improves quality of groundwater.

Cost Saving

Helps save money spent on water tankers. Your initial investment is recovered in under a year.

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Reduced Flooding

Prevents the runoff of rooftop rainwater, thereby helping reduce the possibility of Urban Flooding.

Why harvest rainwater?

Many of urban India’s borewells have gone dry, and our country may soon be classified as a drought zone. An average Indian household now spends more than Rs. 12000 on water tankers every year. Rainwater Harvesting is the obvious solution to this problem. It helps ensure uninterrupted supply of clean water with low hardness, while also recharging groundwater and helping prevent urban flooding.

Success Rate
Households served
Litres Saved

Rainmax filter

Rainmax’s filter is the most effective, affordable and easy-to-use solution for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting. It carries out a two-stage filtration process through its fine 100 micron Stainless Steel (SS) 304 grade mesh and its unique first flush system, thus effectively removing dust, leaves, contaminants and other debris. Depending on your roof area and requirements, there are 4 variants of this filter.

Injection well

If you are trying to solve water problems for a residential township, gated community or large apartment building, the Rainmax Injection Well System is the most beneficial and cost-effective solution for you. It ensures constant supply of groundwater without having to depend on water tankers.


What customers say?

We are a stand-alone apartment building of 25 flats, and depend on water tankers year around. After implementing rooftop rainwater harvesting, we saved around 75 tankers of water in the monsoon, resulting in monetary savings of Rs. 60,000.
sai Lakshmi Arcade
KPHB, Hyderabad
Rooftop rainwater harvesting has been a godsend. Not only have we swiftly recovered our initial investment in the filters and plumbing, we have saved a lot of the money spent on tankers. Water shortages are a thing of the past!
Gautami Enclave
Kondapur, hyderabad
We worked with Sai to incorporate Injection Wells at our 120 unit project - Eeco Valley, Chandanagar - because we were dependent on depleting groundwater & water tankers for supply. Now, Rainmax's Injection Wells have recharged our borewells substantially, with rooftop rainwater. It was so effective that many other apartments in our colony also followed suit.
Srija builders & developers
Madhavpuri hills, hyderabad

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